We Highly Recommend those Listed on this Page

  • Little O's of Arcadia - Little O's is an amazing spot to eat, they have a wonderful marketplace inside and they also carry our handmade goodies.
  • Spinelli's Pizza - Spinelli's is a beautiful place to have some great pizza and hang with the fantastic staff. Spinelli's is indeed our favorite pizza spot.
  • Artnight - Artnight is just that, it's a gathering of artists, vendors, and everyone in between on a single night or two each month. Event times and dates vary so keep up with Artnight to know when the next event is. We sponsored a few Artnight events, we've also set up our table at several events with these wonderful people.
  • Grandma Chickens Country Market
  • - Amazing home made jam and more. Peoria Arizona.
  • Hot Garage Class
  • CustoonLogos
  • - Amazing graphic designer, highly recommended.
  • Soul Scope
  • Mountainview Presbyterian Church - Mountainview Presbyterian Church hosts Holiday House and this year was our first time there. Such lovely people, the staff, the vendors, the whole congregation. We hope to do more with Holiday House in the future.
  • YouFit - This is a wonderful Gym in Scottsdale, they've had us set up a little booth at one point. Great people here.
  • RoadHouse Cinemas - One of our favorite places on Earth is Roadhouse Cinemas in Scottsdale. We've been going to Roadhouse Cinemas since they opened in 2016, great staff, a great place. We love movies and we love supporting locals, Roadhouse Cinemas is by far the best theater we've ever attended.
  • Rage Cycles - Rage Cycles is one of the coolest local bike shops for any kind of bike riding, especially for adventurous people like us. Rage Cycles caters to bikepackers, wanderers, newbies, and experienced cycling enthusiasts.
  • Beg Bakery and Creamery - Beg Bakery and Creamery is a locally owned vegan bakery that has some of the most amazing muffins, cookies, ice cream, brownies, and so many other snacks. This place is wonderful and the owners are simply the best people you could meet.

Welcome to the “LPG List” also known as our recommended list. We at Little Peach Gifts have met a lot of very wonderful crafters, artists, and just amazing people. Events are the best, we see a lot of familiar faces. It’s like a family get-together most of the time. Artnight is one of our favorite events. It can be challenging setting up due to all of the people hugging, it’s great to see everyone there. Usually, you can find us set up at an Artnight event, you can find the dates of the event in our calendar.

Growing the LPG List

Here we hope to display a list of these great people. We haven’t finished the list yet, it’s forever growing. If we’ve missed you, please let us know so that we can fix it.

The people listed below on this page are simply amazing. The restaurants, the shops, the artists, you name it. Those on our Recommended List we’ve certainly enjoyed knowing and having in our lives.

So again, Welcome to our Recommended List, we hope to grow it tremendously over the years to come.

Recommended List | LPG List
Recommended List | LPG List

The events over the years so far, we’ve met local artists, and musicians, handcrafted, and of course, we’ve found great food. Keeping up with this spot on our website is gonna be a lot of fun and challenging to say the least. It’s our miniature version of Angie’s List, but for crafters and artists.

How to get on our list?

It’s pretty easy to become a part of this list, simply reach out and tell us about your craft and we will check out your stuff. The easiest way to be on our recommended list aka LPG List is to be a vendor at one of the events that we are at. We love to visit everyone’s booth and meet and greet, it’s the wonderful part about being at these things.