Brick and Mortar Subscription

$12.00 / month

This is the Brick and Mortar Subscription, to grab a few single bricks click here.

We have now launched Brick and Mortar Support. With Brick and Mortar Support packages, you reap rewards for the level you choose to support. Select a monthly support option or support with your choice of the number of bricks. With your support, we at Little Peach Gifts may reach this goal of a Brick and Mortar location.

  • 1. Supporting Monthly (monthly bricks are highlighted):
      • We will add your name to a brick and display it below, the amount of time you support will be the number of bricks listed on your brick.

  • 2. One-Time Support:
      • If you opt to just support with a brick or a couple we will add your name to a brick with the number of bricks that you supported with below.

  • 3. For anyone who supports 20 or more bricks in a single order, we will send a care package out right away with a personal thank you note.

  • 4. Anyone who supports the Brick and Mortar bricks will have a chance of receiving a random gift from us. All subscribers will receive a coupon each month via email.

  • 5. Certificate of Thanks:
      • Each order comes with a physical certificate printed and mailed to you stating the number of bricks you supported with. It’s a beautiful thank you note.

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