We’ve always talked about having a brick-and-mortar shop, it comes down to many variables over time. Our dream is to have a small brick-and-mortar store in Old Town Scottsdale, Jerome, or Cottonwood.

The first thing that it would take is a huge customer base. We as a small business haven’t reached it yet. Little Peach Gifts is merely an online shop. We have no huge staff, no large marketing team. We’re just simple and love it that way. We hope one day to have Little Peach Gifts as a brick-and-mortar location. It’s a big dream and with you, this can become a reality.

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Our Brick and Mortar Plan

At first, we thought maybe to use Kickstarter, but we decided to do it on our own. We’d prefer everyone to receive rewards all the time for all the support they give.

We have now launched Brick and Mortar Support. With Brick and Mortar Support packages, you reap rewards for the level you choose to support. Select a monthly support option or support with your choice of the number of bricks. With your support, we at Little Peach Gifts may reach this goal of a Brick and Mortar location.

  • Supporting Monthly (monthly bricks are highlighted):
    • We will add your name to a brick and display it below, the amount of time you support will be the number of bricks listed on your brick.
  • One-Time Support:
    • If you opt to just support with a brick or a couple we will add your name to a brick with the number of bricks that you supported with below.
  • For anyone who supports 20 or more bricks in a single order, we will send a care package out right away with a personal thank you note.
  • Anyone who supports the Brick and Mortar bricks will have a chance of receiving a random gift from us. All subscribers will receive a coupon each month via email.
  • Certificate of Thanks:
    • Each order comes with a physical certificate printed and mailed to you stating the number of bricks you supported with. It’s a beautiful thank you note.
Brick and Mortar Brick
  • Individual Purchase
Brick and Mortar Subscription
  • Monthly Subscription

The Amazing Brick Supporters

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